My birthday request

Send me a link in the comments to this post.

Just one, well, maybe a couple. Something you think I and other readers might enjoy: words, pictures, sounds, whatever. You don’t need to leave much by way of commentary – let it be a surprise.* Historical or otherwise. Could be serious and thoughtful, could just be funny (that would be particularly appreciated). Sending up politicians and royalty = fine by me.

*But do just add a note if it’s something particularly rude or heathenish that could give offence, or isn’t work- or kid-safe!

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23 Responses to My birthday request

  1. Muninn says:

    Nothing terribly creative to contribute but I want to with you a very happy birthday and thank you for your wonderful contribution to the net as one of the top 5 history blogs on the internet! -KML

  2. Because I still love it (but not as much as the footie badgers):

  3. Oh — and Happy Birthday! Here’s another, because it’s quirky and I also love pachyderms:

  4. hanoiblogger says:

    atque dies anselmis cantuariensis est (…and he was far more serious, thoughtful, and funny than this comment, probably. Even historical, and otherwise, he was, and, alas, not at all heathenish. Finally, although not quite early modern himself, he was canonized in early modern times, apparently.)

    hodie dies natalis tuus felix sit.

  5. Chris Williams says:

    Happy birthday! Have you considered celebrating by joining the London Riot Re-Enactment Society? It’s very early modern. Up to a point.

  6. Ralph Luker says:

    Happy Birthday, Sharon! I can’t think of anything Sharon relishes more, birthday or otherwise, than shoes.

  7. Nabakov says:

    I see someone beat me to the punch, so to speak, with the London Riot Re-Enactment Society. The Gordon Riots are my favourite.

    Anyhoo, why not put on some music
    fire up the home entertainment system
    browse through some improving literature
    and some albums of those new fangled ‘sun pictures’
    then contemplate what might been
    and who else is celebrating a birthday round now.

    Anyway, wishing you good health for yer birthday
    and have a drink on me.


  8. Manolo says:

    Hello to the Sharon!

    The Manolo he sends you his most warm birthday greetings and this celebratory link.

  9. Steve says:

    God, Sharon. You must be ancient, now.

    I don’t know if I’ve posted this one before, but before London publishers got wind, and before phoenix nights even, there was this. Cruel but fair, it’s compiled by a jobbing bassist on the northern circuit. Very, very, funny.

    This one I like. Biased, as it admits, but I agree mostly. Especially on the Elton John question. The Arrows? I’d forgotten all about them!

    Lastly, this is my fave online radio station. American “alternative” so it obviously plays a lot of English acts. Alt, punk, classic pop, Krautrock, noise, funk, soundtracks etc. This is the band browser, taking you through a massive online archive. Some have direct links to the actual track in the show. Listen to some of Fabio’s shows.

  10. NDR says:

    Happy birthday! How about some Spanish Colonial art for your home (here, here) and a poem by Rilke.

  11. sepoy says:

    Happy Birthday, Sharon. You are an inspiration.
    Here is just the most random site in my browser history:
    Hinduism Made Easy.
    What I am thinking is Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Europe Made Easy. or Colonialism Made Easy. It would be lovely, don’t you think?

    Other than that, this poemhas been rattling around in my brain. Hope you enjoy it as well.

  12. Sharon says:

    Many thanks to all of you, and what a splendid bunch of links. (Keep ’em coming!)

    The most laugh-out-loud: see comments 4 (badgers!), 8 (Riot re-enactment society) and the 2nd one in no. 10. But lots of smiles. And a few blushes. And even a spot of Latin practice. I love you all.

    I considered making Ralph re-submit something that I don’t already visit far too often, but then there were these cute pink sandals… (And I got a happy birthday from Manolo!) I should point out that I don’t *buy* that many shoes. But I love looking at them.

    And my birthday offering to you… well, we’re on the subject of shoes, so let it be this and this.

  13. wolfangel says:

    Happy birthday. I can’t think of anything interesting that’s unusual, sadly, so I will remind you of Orisinal, the joy of PopCap and, of course, kittens.

  14. Ralph Luker says:

    My lord, Sharon, a birthday wish from The Manolo! I don’t even get a wink from Wonkette.

  15. tony says:

    Here’s a review of that book I keep meaning to read to cheer my up.

  16. A belated happy birthday, thanks for a great site and a great idea. And thanks to all the contributors – I’m reading this in Singapore airport in transit at 5am local time – not quite sure what day, and I particularly enjoyed the badgers!

  17. Caleb says:

    Sorry I’m late with my birthday wishes, Sharon, but many happy returns!

    “As you wish,” here’s the complete script for the movie, The Princess Bride.

  18. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday! What a lovely request – we’ll all enjoy these links.

    Here’s a link to historical info on illustrators, with bios and best of all–their work!

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