No longer frustrated by Google Maps

I was so peeved the other week when I was directed to Google Maps by somebody (forgotten who) and found it was USA only. Boo. Bloody Yanks, etc.

But no longer! Google Maps for Britain and Ireland has arrived! (Hat-tip: Storyteller’s world)

Here I am!

Although I don’t think they’ve put much detail in for Wales yet. Boo. Bloody English, etc.

4 thoughts on “No longer frustrated by Google Maps”

  1. Did I know you were in Aberystwyth? Had I just forgotten? Did you know Aberystwyth is kind of our Welsh home: my sister lives in Trefenter and my parents in Ciliau Aeron?

  2. Perhaps I hadn’t harped on it much lately. I must be slipping. I recommend the Around Aberystwyth posts in the sidebar, anyway. ;)

  3. You’ll be mightily disappointed, I’m afraid. It’s just a little lane between the backsides of the houses of two parallel streets, I think (but I will look and see if it has any excitements I missed all this time). I didn’t even know it had a name…

    I’ve just noticed that the map is using a strange mixture of the English and Welsh street names (the street signs usually have both). How odd.

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