Education in Britain

Education, education, education…

Education in England: a brief history
Education in Great Britain
Women, writing and learning 1400-1650
Early modern education in Dartford
The culture of children in medieval England
The seventeenth century and education
Education 1750-1950
Nineteenth-century education for the working classes
Dickens’ Great Expectations for education in Victorian England
Robert Raikes and Sunday Schools
The anti-technological bias of Victorian education
The teaching of mathematics in 19th-century Britain
Victorian education bibliography
The historical background to faith-based schools
Education for the poor
Adult schools and the making of adult education
Education and economic decline in Britain (book review)
Education in 20th-century Whickham and District
Brief history of education in Northern Ireland
From option to compulsion: school science teaching 1954-2004
History of higher education bibliography
The university tradition

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One Response to Education in Britain

  1. Chris Williams says:

    I don’t buy that anti-technological bias thang. Martin Wiener’s crime stuff rocks, but I find ‘English Culture’ highly unconvincing. I go with David Edgerton, whose England and the Aeroplane is cool because:
    (1) it explains why Barnett is wrong
    (2) it has a picture of an S6b in it.

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