Migration history

The first of a series of posts (if I’m in the mood) of resources giving historical perspectives on current election issues.

History of international migration
Immigration: the living mosaic of people, culture and hope

Moving Here: 200 years of migration to England (right at this moment, the home page appears to be broken; the site is working, however, and you can access it through, eg, the search or about pages)
Black Presence: Asian and Black history in Britain 1500-1850
Emigrants and settlers in the 17th century
Invaders: Britain 410-1065
Living in the British Empire: migration
Irish migrants in Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries (book review)
The Irish in Victorian Britain (book review)
Short history of migration to the UK
The minority communities of 18th-century London
Migration bibliography
The Irish in Britain 1750-1922

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