Crime sells!

I learnt today that the course I’m currently teaching is already fully subscribed for next year. (And it went even faster, apparently, than the module in the same set of options on the Blitz…)

I sort of wonder what they’re actually expecting.

This will be a pretty momentous event for me, when it comes around: it’ll be the first time I’ve ever taught any course (or part of a course) more than once. So: 1. I don’t have to prepare everything from scratch; 2. I’ll have the chance to improve on things I wasn’t happy with this time around.

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2 Responses to Crime sells!

  1. david tiley says:

    And it’s a huge topic so you can do lots of repeats which still different enough to keep you interested. Personally I think you should send them all out to commit a seventeenth century crime.

  2. Sharon says:

    I was debating with a colleague whether any of them might be hoping for a crime masterclass. Might work in terms of teaching them stories to tell people you’re selling dodgy secondhand goods too (“my gran left it to me in her will”, “somebody gave it to me to pay a debt they owed me”) or for the cops (“I bought the sheep from this stranger I met in the mountains”, “I got it from this woman in the street but I don’t know her name”, “somebody asked me to hold the horse for them”), but I don’t think they’d be terribly successful.

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