Heaven in a Scotch Egg

1.Take a free range hardboiled egg.
2.Wrap it in some prize-winning local sausagemeat.
3.Coat in breadcrumbs from the extremely tasty tomato bread you made earlier.

Wow, was that good.

Yes, the farmers market is in town again, and now it’s spring it’s getting bigger and gone twice-monthly.

A recently-acquired jewel in the crown has to be the stall selling bread and delicious snacks (including aforesaid Scotch Egg). I’m working my way gradually through the pastries, cakes and savoury bites. (Their chocolate brownies are also heavenly.) Yes, I probably will tantalize you from time to time with further reports.

An old favourite, the smokery, had a new treat to try: smoked cod. (Anybody got any interesting recipes?)

Some new stalls: a splendid game stall, a piggie farm stall (delicious looking* ham) and quite a few others that didn’t seem familiar.

See, I really didn’t mean to buy that much today, and now I have a fridge stuffed with food. Oops. Now the hard part: deciding what to eat this weekend and what to put in the freezer. It’s a three-way race between duck leg, rabbit casserole and cod for dinner tomorrow, I think. Oh, decisions.

* and tasting, I can now confirm

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3 Responses to Heaven in a Scotch Egg

  1. Charlotte Hastings says:

    I don’t have anything to add to your food comments (although it sounds really tasty!) but wanted to say how much I appreciated your comments on grantsmanship / applying for a phd. I surfed on in from a link on a history site a couple of months ago having applied for various phd funding without much luck. Having found your post, and through it taken some more proactive action about thinking about my application (in addition to speaking to successful students and getting more critical commentary from a wider range of people on my proposal) I’ve been lucky enough to get funding for October. So thank you – you helped!


  2. Sharon says:

    Congratulations – and glad to have been helpful!

    Hey, perhaps I should set up a page of testimonials for trumpet-blowing purposes… Seriously, it’s really good to know that the posts I wrote have been useful. :)

  3. david tiley says:

    ogodogodogodogod yummy.

    We are still recovering from the fact that the bestest always ham maker in Melbourne, trained as a vet but sidelined into wonderful cooking, went off and suddenly died.

    They have closed the business.

    Mourning across the land.

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