Easter poetry weekend: Easter Monday

WILLIAM BARNES: ‘Easter Monday’. [from Poems of Rural Life … First Collection (1866)]

An’ zoo o’ Monday we got drough
Our work betimes, an ax’d a vew
Young vo’k vrom Stowe an’ Coom, an’ zome
Vrom uncle’s down at Grange to come,
An’ they so spry, wi’ merry smiles,
Did beät the path an’ leäp the stiles,
Wi’ two or dree young chaps bezide,
To meet an’ keep up Easter tide:
Vor we’d a-zaid avore, we’d git
Zome friends to come, an’ have a bit
O’ fun wi’ me, an’ Jeäne, an’ Kit,
    Because ‘twer Easter Monday.

An’ there we plaÿ’d away at quaïts,
An’ weigh’d ourzelves wi’ sceäles an’ waïghts;
An’ jump’d to zee who jump’d the spryest,
An’ sprung the vurdest an’ the highest;
An’ rung the bells vor vull an hour,
An’ plaÿ’d at vives ageän the tower.
An’ then we went an’ had a taït,
An’ cousin Sammy wi’ his waïght
Broke off the bar, he wer so fat!
An’ toppled off, an’ vell down flat
Upon his head, an’ squot his hat,
    Because ‘twer Easter Monday.

(From LiOn; see also Easter Zunday)

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