Just browsing around

sepoy at Chapati Mystery has an important message about digital archiving – personal archiving, that is. If you want to be able to access all that hard-won research data on your computer twenty years from now, go and read it and get thinking. (I know I need to.) Jonathan Dresner at Cliopatria is worrying about it too.

Jeremy at Clioweb also has his mind on serious questions: peer review and the future of digital scholarship

Danny at No Loss for Words is disturbed to find himself defending Dan Brown; surprised to find himself in agreement with G M Trevelyan; and annoyed at the naivety often shown by non-historians writing about doing history.

Brandon at Siris sets out his ideal history of philosophy course; then he does a little exercise in counterfactuals: er, if cats were cows and cows were dogs then cows would be dogs. No, I’ve got that wrong somewhere. But it’s not really a counterfactual anyway, apparently. Philosophers. ;)

And, at Hoarded Ordinaries, Lorianne is off for the weekend without her computer. In the meantime, you can still see the first snow in New Hampshire, an axe-murderer (not really) and too many other wonderful things to list.

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4 Responses to Just browsing around

  1. Brandon says:

    The conclusion is cats would be dogs. Things of immense important hang on it! ;)

  2. Sharon says:

    I read it and then mistyped it anyway! And I decided to leave it like that a) to show I’m a lame-brained bumbling idiot and b) so you’d *have* to come round and leave a comment. Oh, and (hopefully) readers would go and read the post to find out what I’d done wrong. :)

  3. Brandon says:

    “so you’d *have* to come round and leave a comment. ”

    You’re a devious one!

  4. Sharon says:

    What, little old me? (flutters eyelashes – no don’t do that, might give small children nightmares) ;)

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