Not much blogging over the last few days as a very good friend – my flatmate when I was doing my PhD, who’s now doing a PhD of her own – has come to stay, to go and see Kevin Brownlow films at the National Film Theatre and generally wander around London. I’m only writing this now because she’s had to pop home for tonight, but she’ll be back tomorrow later today. We always have a lot of catching up to do, which involves drinking a lot of wine and sitting up talking about history, films, music, food, politics, our respective families and whatever else comes up into the early hours (followed by skiving off work, ahem). These vitally important activities do not leave much time for blogging. So I may get a post or two in this morning, but things won’t be back to normal until Tuesday-ish.

And sorry about the breakdown in service for much of today. Something strange to do with the server side of things, the kind of thing that’s completely incomprehensible to me.

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2 Responses to Hiatus

  1. Argh. Also skiving, although not totally intentionally. Visiting sunny resort town to care for (a bit) and visit ancient (older than dirt) and increasingly absent grandfather. Thought I could justify it, because he used to nap, but is apparently stimulated by my presence. Not good for the book review. On the other hand, am also staying at best friend from college’s house. Love it, because she and her mom are really family. Slightly irritated, b/c her BA in History 16 years ago apparently gives her the right to correct me on details and big themes on the subjects I did two grad degrees in. Feeling guilty b/c I am such a snob.

  2. Sharon says:

    Skiving (both blogging and work) over. I knew I wouldn’t get much blogging done while my friend was here, didn’t intend to take two days off work however… (Well, I’ve taken bugger all holiday this year, so I don’t see how anyone can complain.) As soon as we meet up we hardly stop talking for hours. We met in uni halls when we were both in first year – PhD for me and BA in Film Studies for her (as a mature student). We moved into a house together within a few months. Call it mutual influences: She got me into film, and I encouraged her to develop her interests in social history…

    I don’t think that’s being a snob, BTW. It’d piss me off too.

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