Around Aberystwyth IV

Yesterday was a truly glorious day. (Today not so brilliant; the weather forecast is not great at all. Well, it’s August Bank Holiday weekend. Of course it will rain…)

Wander down to the seafront and turn right (realising that it might have been good to remember my sunglasses).

view north

I’m told that the geology around here is pretty interesting. I think these tilted rock strata are the sort of things they’re into.

rock strata

Unless you’re in the mood for clambering round rocks, this is the north end of the beach; time to turn and head south.

view south

Which will bring you round to the Old College (more of that later) and to the ruins of the castle.

castle tower


From the castle, you can see the South beach and the marina, and Pen Dinas beyond. Ah, I have some fond memories of parties and bonfires on that beach.

south beach

I could have carried on down to the harbour and the river, Trefechan bridge and the house where I used to live. But I decided it was time to head back to the pier and get myself an ice-cream.

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