Around Aberystwyth III

There are views that you simply have to visit the place to see properly. My camera certainly can’t capture them for you. Still, here’s a sort of tour of what happens if you leave my flat and head up the hill towards the university.

First, you have to get past my local (in need of a new paintjob perhaps; they did some work and haven’t got round to repainting). Good company in both Welsh and English, good beer, no jukebox.

cwps/coopers arms

Then, upwards. There is a particularly steep, though mercifully short, stretch if you take the back way to Y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, the National Library of Wales.

llyfrgell genedlaethol/national library

Ok, that’s a pretty impressive building; but much better is what you can see if you go up to the main entrance and face out. This may be the place for the best views of Aber, a panoramic sweep of the twon and Cardigan Bay. Um, use your imagination.

view sw

view nw

After the deliriously loopy Old College in town, there isn’t much on the main Penglais campus that’s worth getting excited about. It’s just another concrete campus, albeit one dramatically perched on the side of hill and with plenty of greenery and sea views. But perhaps the Physical Sciences block deserves an honourable mention. I like curvy buildings. And red and mauve…

red building

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