An Early Modernists’ Carnival?

I’ve been looking at the Philosophers’ Carnival after noticing Brandon’s references to this and also to the well-established and vigorous Christian Carnivals, and wondering whether there are enough early modernists blogging to put together our own version? It needs a) a range or suitable articles from blogs to include (ie, must focus on historical or historiographical topics, including literary, science, philosophical…) and b) people willing to take turns as hosts. We might not be able to do it fortnightly as the philosophers are planning to do; after all blogging early modernists are still a pretty small group, but I think there’s probably enough going on now to try monthly at least.

If you look at the principles of the Philosopher’s Carnival, you’ll get the idea, and you could think about posts you’ve read or written within the last few months that could be included. E-mail me with suggestions at, and if I get enough, I’ll write a ‘tryout’ issue. Equally importantly, I’ll then want other people to pick up the baton. It would be particularly splendid, of course, if there are (or someone would write) any blog articles about early modern carnivals to kick it off… I think we could be wide and inclusive about the chronological framework, by the way.

(And what about a broader Historians’ Carnival? This concept just looks such fun…)

Update: There’s a Carnival of the Cats too! Aahhh…

This seems to be the mummy and daddy of ’em all: Carnival of the Vanities (includes a list of offspring).

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