Around Aberystwyth I


Those who have been reading this blog for a while will have gathered that I’m rather fond of this small seaside university town. Now I’m here with my camera, and avoiding any ‘serious’ blogging for a few days, I’m going to take the opportunity to show it to you.

This is the view from my bedroom window, facing south-west

south west view

And here is the Old College in all its Victorian Gothic barminess (sorry about that road sign. And it isn’t really that crooked; that’s the camera…)

Old College

A close-up. What drugs were they on when they designed this door?

Old College front door

And last but not least for today, the promenade in the early evening with a mild breeze catching the sea. That’s Constitution Hill sticking up at the back


After being away for three weeks, I’m unusually sensitive to things I don’t usually take much notice of: the sound of the waves (I can hear them as I type), the salty-seaweedy smell. And I can take a deep breath here without immediately having a hay-fever/pollution induced sneezing fit.

Tomorrow I should be going up the hill, so fingers crossed for some good views.

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7 thoughts on “Around Aberystwyth I

  1. i am jealous. and what IS up with that door? to prevent a frontal assault? sheesh. My parents are visiting Chester right now. I think I will call and tell them to visit Aberystwyth as well. thanks for the pics.

  2. The view from the living room is even cooler; it’s a massive window. But it just didn’t photograph very well; it’s slightly broken up by the window frame, which I think the human eye can deal with but my camera can’t. I’ll try to get you the real panoramic view from up the hill later today. Sun, sun, come out for me…

    Sepoy: Chester is really cute too. (I have to visit next year for some research.)

  3. The more the merrier… maybe; by the end of August you can get a bit tired of the influx. The pavements are too narrow for all these people! And of course tourists have different patterns of movement; they don’t know the place, they’ve got all day to look at things.

    I would say to people: come after the main tourist season has passed, probably second half of September. We often get stunning weather, real Indian summers, in late September.

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