This blog is an experiment. I’ve been wanting somewhere to log potential new links for the site for a while (not simply my bookmarks file in which they just get lost). A blog seems an ideal way of doing that, with the advantage that any readers (well, there might be some) can add their own comments. Links posted here will generally not have been checked out in anything more than the most cursory fashion (unless I really liked them). Some may turn out to be utter rubbish, or only to last a few weeks.

It’ll also be used to post news about the site: when I’ve made additions and updates, that kind of thing.

Will it become anything more than that? I think I can safely say that it won’t turn into a personal diary (I’ve never kept one of those in my life, and I don’t want to start now). But there might be space – and time – for early modernist musings, professional monologues, rants or discussions. And some of my other interests – British history and identity, Wales and learning Welsh, feminism, ska music, crime fiction, etc – might get a look in. We’ll just have to see…

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Anonymous says:

    I never used to keep a personal diary but blogging just brought it out in me. If the mood takes you you could make another top secret blog.

    Well done on this. :)

  2. Miriam Jones says:

    Yes, it looks wonderful. And I look forward to your digressions into crime fiction and things Welsh.

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