Spam entertainment

Aren’t some of those names in the spam folder entertaining?

Vaporous T Centrally has a card for me.

lupe skroch wants to know if I’m ready for the new year sale.

lavern lollie offers me my prescription meds in the comfort of my own home. (Note to lavern and all your ilk, this is a .uk address: you’re wasting your time here.)

jimmie sukeforth tells me I can save by shopping online.

According to Gideon Kgr, girlish ang randy girls are holding off me!

Then I hit the button to empty the spam folder and wave bye-bye…

I’m thinking of turning the email function on my spam comment killer back on for a little while to see just how many spammers are getting blocked (and to double check that good comments aren’t being eaten). That would probably entertain me too. (And I know that I wouldn’t be alone.)

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One thought on “Spam entertainment”

  1. I was getting tons of spam not addressed to me. Then I activated my provider’s (Bigpond) spam filter ($2:50/month) and got virtually none.

    I want to know why I was getting spam not addressed to me in the first place. Is their system bogus? And why I should have to pay to stop it.

    It’s a rort!

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